Anxiety and Hormone Imbalance - treated naturally

“I feel anxious most nights. I get hot flushes and night sweats and I’m very anxious before a period” Polly came to see me with anxiety following several family bereavements in a relatively short time. She was becoming overwhelmed with supporting the family and pushed her own grief aside to help support those nearest to her. In turn the stress on her system caused her hormones to fluctuate producing night sweats and exasperated her already fluctuating hormones. “I was burying this grief inside me” The anxiety experienced, produce symptoms such as: the feeling of a ‘knot in the stomach up to the chest’, heart pounding, heavy around chest area, ‘can’t breathe’ legs like jelly These feelings a

Allergies - treated naturally

Case of Severe Allergy Sally was 77 years old when she came to see me with severe allergies following an illness that was treated using strong antibiotics. These antibiotics effected her gut flora and therefore she was unable to absorb beneficial nutrients from her diet. She became allergic to many food groups including dairy, citrus, yeast, spices and suffered the symptoms for many years. Her symptoms included: IBS Tight chest - heavy breathing Pain over eyes and swollen eyes Sweats Painful tingling in legs Reoccurring UTIs Itchy skin Her case was very complicated because of the huge range of symptoms she came with. She had already identified the foods which she could no longer tolerate. On

Menopause - a natural approach

Menopause is a natural progression for every woman. Some experience more symptoms than others. Some women sail through this stage of life and some do not. For those who find they are struggling with unpleasant symptoms, I have put together a list of remedies that you could consider. Some treat the more acute symptoms and some are more deep acting and would require Homeopathic consultation. What is Perimenopause? This is the name given to the pre menopause stage when periods start to dwindle and symptoms similar to PMS occur. It is not always recognised by GPs as can be quite intermittent and can last for years. Usually women are not considered to be in true menopause until they have been fre

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