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Anxiety and Hormone Imbalance - treated naturally

“I feel anxious most nights. I get hot flushes and night sweats and I’m very anxious before a period”

Polly came to see me with anxiety following several family bereavements in a relatively short time. She was becoming overwhelmed with supporting the family and pushed her own grief aside to help support those nearest to her. In turn the stress on her system caused her hormones to fluctuate producing night sweats and exasperated her already fluctuating hormones.

“I was burying this grief inside me”

The anxiety experienced, produce symptoms such as:

the feeling of a ‘knot in the stomach up to the chest’,

heart pounding,

heavy around chest area,

‘can’t breathe’

legs like jelly

These feelings are exasperated by the fear of them reoccurring. Therefore, it becomes a vicious circle of anxiety, being brought on by over thinking the episodes experienced in the past.

The hormone imbalance symptoms included:

Headaches - pain travelling up the neck into head over brow

Pre menstrual syndrome


Painful breasts


The first prescription prescribed, included Homeobotanical tinctures (organic herbs) to help balance hormones and Homeopathic remedies to support the whole system including the anxiety symptoms.

The symptoms have systematically reduced over the few months that Polly has been coming to see me. With added support of dietary supplements and regular use of the homeopathic herb tinctures, Polly has turned a corner.

“I'm so thankful that a friend recommended Helen for alternative treatment, I didn't want to mask the symptoms I had I wanted to deal with them and that is exactly what I have done using homeopathic treatment. I still get anxiety but I know now that there is a remedy to help with this. I also find it's not just the treatment but someone listening to you to know what's right for you.”

As each person with anxiety can experience it in different ways, homeopathic remedies can be prescribed to match the presenting symptoms of each individual patient. Therefore not everyone will receive the same remedy. One size doesn’t fit all.

The beauty of this is, Homeopathy is an individualised natural treatment.

"I want people to know that it's ok not to be ok but there's always help out there and homoeopathy is definitely a brilliant choice x"

If this case resonates with you or you know of someone who may benefit from Homeopathic treatment please feel free to contact me.

I offer a free 30 minute chat on the phone before committing to an appointment.



Warm wishes Helen

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