Homeopathy for post-dental treatment

Welcome to the fourth and final blog in this current series of using Homeopathy in post-operations. Several years ago I developed an abscess in the gum of one of my molars, whilst on holiday. It was an angry throbbing pain, helped by the remedy Belladonna, whilst waiting for a dentist appointment. On seeing the dentist he decided that I needed a route canal filling. I would have preferred to have the tooth removed but was advised by the dentist who wanted to try filling the tooth first, so to avoid possible gum shrinkage in later years! Unfortunately, following treatment the tooth fractured due to it being packed too much. There was a lot of discomfort and feeling of pressure in the tooth af

Pre and Post-Operation Support

Welcome to the third in this series of Post operation support using Homeopathic remedies. A friend of mine has recently had a hip replacement and so I sent her some supportive remedies to aid her transition into surgery followed by remedies to aid her recovery after surgery. Often going into surgery can be a very anxious time even if the operation has been long awaited and expected. Often pre-op nerves are ignored by physicians and Homeopathy can play a part here in re-addressing this imbalance in emotions. For this pre-operation anxiety, I sent Aconitum. This is a great remedy for sudden onset of pre-op nerves when you are fearful about the operation and the outcome. Pre-op remedy Aconitum

Homeopathy and Appendectomy

Welcome to my second Blog about supporting Post-Operations with Homeopathy. Here I talk about my older daughter (23 yrs) who was taken ill with severe stomach pains. She was away from home suffering with pain behind her naval which extended down her left abdomen into her groin. (Usually right sided pain for appendicitis) She didn't want to take pain relief as was also feeling nauseous so didn't want anything in her stomach. She had the Homeopathic remedy Mag Phos in her bag so was taking them to help with pain relief. This helped and enabled her to get herself to a walk in clinic in a local pharmacy. They diagnosed a bladder infection and gave her antibiotics but she decided not to take them

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