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I am available for consultations Monday to Wednesday
10am-6pm by appointment.
Monday Evening by arrangement (home clinic)
Face to face consultations plus Video using Zoom/WhatsApp/FaceTime
Phone consultations also available
I know how important it is to find someone you can work with that is why I offer a free 15 minute chat to see if Homeopathy will benefit you before you commit to an appointment.
How I work
  • I will help you feel comfortable so you are able to discuss any issue you have come with (everything you say is confidential)
  • I will explain your condition from a Homeopathic point of view.
  • I will give dietary advice if this is appropriate and offer homeopathic remedies and blended organic herbal tinctures.


Adult consultations 
First consultation allow 60 mins
Follow up consultations allow 30 min-45 min


Child consultations (under 16 years, including babies under 2 years)

First consultation allow 45mins-60mins

Follow up consultation allow 30 mins


Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation: Adults £110.00 

                            Children & infants £60.00 



Follow-Up Consultations: Adults £60.00/ 

                                    Children & infants £50.00 


Telephone Prescribing

Brief telephone calls for acute illnesses will be charged at a fee of £30.


Further repeat prescriptions without an appointment will be charged £15.


Fees include consultation and remedies prescribed at that appointment (accept Homeobotanicals) It is recommended that a minimum of 3 consultations takes place, usually at 4-5 weekly intervals so I can assess you are responding to the remedy beneficially.

Homeobotanical Therapy

Each individual 30 ml organic herb tonic £25 incl p&p

30ml organic herb gel £20 incl p&p

Consultations payment

Payment by BACS is required at least 2 days in advance of the consultation, please contact me for details.



If you have to cancel your appointment within 24 hours notice, a 50% fee may be charged.

If you do not attend your pre arranged appointment, the full consultation fee will be charged.

Happy clients:


I came to see Helen at a time when I was not ill but at very low ebb emotionally during the winter after a family bereavement. I had the feeling that this could easily begin to manifest as a physical ailment. Helen provided a calm and listening presence that was healing in itself, but the prescribed homeopathic remedy really did the trick. I felt as if a load had lifted off my shoulders and I stayed healthy.


I have had several consultations with Helen and found her approach most professional and understanding.

She has been treating me and members of my family with positive results. 

I thoroughly recommend Helen's homeopathy practice.

 I saw Helen as I was suffering from menopausal symptoms.  After taking the remedy prescribed I benefitted greatly and no longer suffered from either palpitations or a recurring nightmare.  I also had a greater sense of wellbeing which helped me cope with day to day challenges including weight loss and eventually with bereavement.  I would recommend homeopathy to anyone who would like an alternative remedy to conventional medicine and I think that homeopathy is an important part of our healthcare system allowing the best to be offered to patients. 

Helen's clinic room
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