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Menopause - a natural approach

Menopause is a natural progression for every woman. Some experience more symptoms than others. Some women sail through this stage of life and some do not. For those who find they are struggling with unpleasant symptoms, I have put together a list of remedies that you could consider. Some treat the more acute symptoms and some are more deep acting and would require Homeopathic consultation.

What is Perimenopause?

This is the name given to the pre menopause stage when periods start to dwindle and symptoms similar to PMS occur. It is not always recognised by GPs as can be quite intermittent and can last for years. Usually women are not considered to be in true menopause until they have been free of periods for 2 years. It can be difficult to confirm menopause by blood test because our hormones fluctuate so much and no two days are the same. So sometimes women are suffering needlessly just because they are not diagnosed. You can still treat those symptoms you are struggling with, with or without a diagnosis as Homeopathy treats the person not the disease. I always recommend you see a GP to rule out other possible conditions which can appear to be menopausal such as Hypothyroidism as sometimes other underlying conditions are ignored when a woman reaches menopausal age.

Why Menopause?

Menopause is a time of profound transformation physically and psychologically. Often promoted as a time of withering away in depression by pharmaceuticals to boost the sale of hormone replacement therapies and antidepressants. They prey on women feeling at a low ebb and instead of helping they just offer suppressive treatments. HRT has its place if thats the route you wish to take but is not without side effects and only suppresses menopause, because once you come off HRT you will find menopause is still there and only prolongs this stage of a woman's life.

There are many options open to women who wish to follow a more natural approach. From nutrition, supplements, herbs to homeopathy.

Homeopathic Remedies

Remedies can be used for many symptoms exasperated by the menopause such as depression, hot flushes (power surges as I like to call them) palpitations, vaginitis, intermittent bleeding. Ideally by choosing one remedy that covers all or most of you symptoms including what your emotional state is, will be more beneficial to you than having a different remedy for each symptom. In some cases you can treat acutely if you have an occasional symptoms that appears such as headache or joint pain.

* Belladonna - Symptoms include: Flushing to the face that come on suddenly, with throbbing headache, dilated pupils. Sweats, uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge, nose bleeds

Emotionally - violent anger, rage, fearful, impulse to run

Worse - at night, light, noise, jarring, drafts, p.m, lying, Desires lemonade

* Cimifuga (Black Cohosh): Sad, gloomy, like a black cloud, sighing, feels caged/trapped

Flushing, heat on head, breast and ovary pain, flooding periods, Rheumatic and arthritic pain, sore muscles, neck or low back pain

Worse - cold, damp, Better - warmth

* Lachesis Flushes of heat with no perspiration, rush of blood to head, burning, heat on top, Haemorrhoids, nosebleeds, Constriction, sensitive to touch at throat, waist

Emotionally - suspicious, talkative, memory loss

Worse: heat, sun, after sleep, alcohol, coffee. Better: during blood flow

* Sepia (ink of cuttle fish) Hot flushes starting in pelvis spread upwards with weakness, faintness, much sweating, heaviness in uterus (prolapse feeling), vaginitis, offensive urine, falling hair, weak stomach

Emotionally - depressed, wants solitude, indifferent to loved ones, to sex. sarcastic

Worse: damp, cold, night, menstruation, fats, milk. Better: open air, exercise, dancing

* Sulphur - Hot flushes with hot head, hands ,feet, Burning, throws covers off. mild perspiration, fatigue, faintness, profuse menstruation, swollen breasts, insomnia. dry itchy skin

Emotionally - irritable, depressed, selfish

Worse: getting hot, 11am, night, full moon, sweets, bathing, standing

You may see a cross over with your symptoms featured in several remedies. I would always recommend you see a Homeopath as they will have a more balanced view of your symptoms and treat you with the most appropriate remedy that suits your symptoms and character. How long you will need treatment for will depend on how long you have been suffering and the severity of your symptoms . Also please note that you don't have to have all the symptoms listed in the remedy description.

If this resonates with you please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

I offer a free 30 minute chat to see if Homeopathy is for you before you commit to an appointment.

You can contact me on:



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