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I enrolled on a Homeopathy Practitioners course at The School of Homeopathy, Stroud, after ‘an introduction to homeopathy’ evening class. To be able to qualify and practice homeopathy is a privilege. It’s been an inspirational experience for me, coming to fruition after many years of study.

I also studied on parallel courses in Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology & Disease for Homeopaths with Alternative Training, Stroud. 


Not a coincidence

My interest in homeopathy began when my daughters were 2 and 3 years old.  My younger daughter had been suffering with tonsillitis for 18 months and had been on and off antibiotics for most of this time.  I enrolled on a homeopathy for beginners course.  We were discussing a remedy that described my daughter completely.  A remedy was prescribed and within 24 hours her throat was better.  I was hooked! It could not have been a coincidence, this really was a truly amazing result. 


Seeking 'that something extra' 

To even be a little help to someone who is seeking that ‘something’ extra, that ‘something’ that can help their own pathway to health and wellbeing is rewarding to myself as a person and as a practitioner.


Before Homeopathy

I have worked with pre school children and with teenagers and young adults with learning difficulties as a Student Support and Teaching Assistant, a role I valued and had been involved in for 15 years. Previous to this I worked in the travel industry for several years before raising a family on the family farm in the beautiful North Cotswolds.


Wonderful Wiltshire

I now live in wonderful Wiltshire with my husband and two dogs. I still love to travel and love long walks in the countryside with my Cocker Spaniel "Archie" and Sprocker "Milo".

Registered Member

I am a fully registered member with the Society of Homeopaths which is the main governing body for homeopaths in this country. This means that I abide by the Society's Code of Ethics and Practice, and I am fully licensed and hold professional insurance.

I also completed training in Homeobotanical Therapy which uses organic herb tinctures. I use this as a stand alone therapy or to complement my Homeopathic work.



Practitioner Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy

Diploma in Pathology & Disease

Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

Homeobotanical Herb Therapy 

CPCAB Level 2 Introduction to Counselling Skills


Happy client says...


"Helen was recommended to me last year when I was looking for a homeopath to support myself and daughter with hay fever symptoms. My daughter, who was 11 at the time, and really struggling with hay fever, and needing to take antihistamine every day which wasn't ideal. We went to Helen and had such a thorough and detailed assessment. I really felt Helen worked hard to get under the skin of her symptoms and what was triggering them. My daughter started the treatments Helen recommended, and we saw an immediate improvement. She then continued with her treatment over the course of the next few months during the hay fever low season to prepare her for this year. I'm pleased to say that she has been completely symptom free this year, despite the pollen count being very high. This has made a huge difference for her especially when it comes to being able to concentrate for school and exams.


I'm hugely impressed with Helen's approach. She is knowledgable and curious but importantly she is empathetic and really takes the time to understand her clients and tailor make the right solution for them.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Helen"





Helen Lee DSH RSHom



Helen's clinic room
Archie dog
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