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"Can't taste or smell"

One of the well publicised symptoms of the recent pandemic is the loss of taste and smell.

My understanding is this is a link to a neurological effect that interrupts the nerve pathways to our senses.

Treating these symptoms, I looked at the effect on the individual after seeing a video of them squeezing lemon juice into their mouth with no reaction to the sourness at all. They could 'feel' the sourness but not taste it!

The remedy that helped this symptom was the Homeopathic remedy, Pulsatilla. It was prescribed to be taken hourly until the sense of taste returned. It did so within a couple of days. They would get just a hint and then it would go again and then returning a little longer each time they ate or drank something.

Although this is not serious side effect it is none the less one of the few pleasures you would wish for when you have such a serious debilitating condition to contend with.

So with lots of individualised remedies, organic herb blends and dietary supplements the symptoms were abated.


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