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Homeopathy for post-dental treatment

Welcome to the fourth and final blog in this current series of using Homeopathy in post-operations.

Several years ago I developed an abscess in the gum of one of my molars, whilst on holiday. It was an angry throbbing pain, helped by the remedy Belladonna, whilst waiting for a dentist appointment. On seeing the dentist he decided that I needed a route canal filling. I would have preferred to have the tooth removed but was advised by the dentist who wanted to try filling the tooth first, so to avoid possible gum shrinkage in later years! Unfortunately, following treatment the tooth fractured due to it being packed too much. There was a lot of discomfort and feeling of pressure in the tooth after this treatment so I went to see the dentist again, which resulted in extraction. I was feeling anxious so took several Aconitums before my appointment, to help calm my nerves.

The extraction was a little traumatic, with the dentist practically sitting on me and with his hand pressed on my forehead as he pulled with the other! I had mixed feelings of relief to have the offending tooth removed and a sense of being violated. My personal boundaries had been invaded and I'd lost a part of me! Even if it had caused me considerable pain! I took Staphysagria on arriving home to help with these emotions. My recovery was quick, with the gum healing rapidly and my emotions stabilizing promptly.

Sometimes surgery is unavoidable and Homeopathy can be used to great effect in helping to support recovery from these procedures.

The main remedies for post dental care are: Aconite if patient is nervous and fearful of treatment (30c before treatment) Arnica for swelling , bruising reduces bleeding and also shock Phosphorous for post traumatic bleeding if profuse and bright red Lachesis if bleeding slow and venous Hepar Sulph is useful to promote reducing swelling due to infection Belladonna if infection throbbing and area looks red and angry. Suggest 30c repeated frequently (every 10-30mins in acute cases) as soon as relief is felt stop taking the remedy. If infection persists always a good idea to seek Homeopathic treatment as there are many other remedies that are useful.

Contact me for further information on using homeopathy. I offer a free 15 minute initial chat and as well as my clinics, I offer phone or SKYPE/VSee video consultations.

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