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Homeopathy and Appendectomy

Welcome to my second Blog about supporting Post-Operations with Homeopathy.

Here I talk about my older daughter (23 yrs) who was taken ill with severe stomach pains. She was away from home suffering with pain behind her naval which extended down her left abdomen into her groin. (Usually right sided pain for appendicitis) She didn't want to take pain relief as was also feeling nauseous so didn't want anything in her stomach. She had the Homeopathic remedy Mag Phos in her bag so was taking them to help with pain relief. This helped and enabled her to get herself to a walk in clinic in a local pharmacy. They diagnosed a bladder infection and gave her antibiotics but she decided not to take them as was not confident in the diagnosis. A day later after feeling a little more comfortable she was able to drive herself home and went to her own GP where they diagnosed appendicitis.

Once she had her operation and was home again, I resumed putting a treatment plan together for her.

Post-Operation remedies

Arnica 200C - for trauma and bruising. repeated 4 x daily for 3 days gradually reducing over the next few days. Phos 200C - for effects of anesthetic and nausea 2 x first day after op Carbo veg 30C - for wind and constipation pains including pain in shoulders from the air that is pumped into abdomen to aid the op dissipating into the shoulder area! This was by far the most uncomfortable feeling for her and caused her more pain than the incision sites, of which there were three, due to keyhole surgery. Taken as needed every hour at first until comfortable a few days later Bellis perennis 30C - to aid healing, for surgery to abdomen 3 x daily for 3 days.

Probiotics to help support the gut after IV antibiotics whilst she was in hospital. Antibiotics play havoc with the gut bacteria so replenishing them with the aid of a good quality probiotic is always a good idea after the use of antibiotics.

My daughter made a full recovery, back at work after 2 weeks and back in the gym at 3 weeks! Scars healed and no adverse effects.

For more information on using Homeopathy to help support operation discomfort and trauma, contact me.

For those unable to come to clinic I am also available for SKYPE/VSee video consultation and phone consultations.

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