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Hormone Balancing with Organic Herb Combo's - Homeobotanicals

Cee is in her 40s and came see me with peri menopausal symptoms. Her periods had stopped, flushing 3 hourly day and night, low libido due to uncomfortable intercourse, headaches, lack of energy and general feeling of lethargy.

Along side prescribing Homeopathic remedies I combined organic Homeobotanical herb tinctures to make an individualised prescription for Cee. She took this tincture by spraying 3 sprays under her tongue 3 times daily.

After taking her first tincture for a couple of weeks the flushes had reduced and intercourse was less painful. Energy had increased "loads more energy", "I feel awake".

Cee continued taking the tincture.

A month after the first prescription no more flushing, libido returned, energy good.

2 months taking the tincture "I got my period!!!!!!!!" Periods Returned! To the delight of Cee.

Whilst for some the ceasing of the menstrual cycle is welcomed, for Cee this was an imbalance in her hormones that could be rectified with these tinctures.

Each case is taken individually therefore, not everyone will get the same combination of herb tinctures.

In this case Cee had Female+ Hormone Balancer, Migraine, Emotional Stress, Nutria.

I have been having consistently great results with a blend of herbal combinations (that works on the physical) and have been diluted (to reduce side effects) and then potentised in the homeopathic way (therefore work with the vibrational energy) for a large range of conditions especially menopausal ones.

We have a combination called Hb F for normalising all female imbalances and if night sweats are a problem we have F+ which has some very swift results in stopping the sweats. We often combine Hb F or F+ with a combination that works on soothing the central nervous system, which we call Hb E (Emotional) this helps greatly with mood swings and feeling low. For weight gain during menopause we combine Hb F with a combination called Hb Marina which works specifically to re-balance the thyroid.

Whatever the symptoms we can put a combination of these effective herbals together to help rebalance those hormones.

Do get in touch if you wish to have a chat about your current symptoms and I'll be happy to put a herbal combination together especially for you!

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