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Zap those critters

This summer has been a good year for sun tans but a bad year from nits, tics and fleas.

Using a natural organic homeopathic herbal treatment from my Homeobotanical range, I have treated and prevented the attentions of fleas and tics on my dog, Archie. It helps rid fleas and appears to prevent tics from attaching on. The tincture can be added to almond oil for ease of placement on the neck of your pet.

The same herb tincture can be safely used to treat nits and with children returning to school or nurseries this month, can often see an increase in these critters. By adding to hair conditioner along with tea tree oil, cover head in a bath cap leave for 10 mins comb with a nit comb and repeat daily until no more sign of nits. (but haven’t found this necessary).

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