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Be The Change

A few days ago I wanted to read a new book. But I wanted a positive read not something full of angst and drama. I had a bad back over Christmas and started feeling myself wallowing in self pity. Not being able to do things for myself and my family really makes you take stock on whats important in life. I decided my New Years resolution, apart from being good to myself, was to give up facebook! Sounds easy right? But boy do I waste a lot of time on that thing. I am part of several supportive Homeopathic groups and decided I would only engage with those and my business page. It’s been quite refreshing and empowering. So new year doesn’t have to be all about doing without but doing what feels good within.

I found this book ‘Be the change’ by Trenna Cormack. I don’t know where it came from or who bought it for me but I was drawn to the title. It comprises of short interviews with many contributors

who became that change, from activists and campaigners, education, health, business and environment. They all contributed with their dedication to whatever field of expertise they were in to make a difference to others in need.

Now I am not suggestion that I am about to take up the helm and fight the good fight, but it has made me think about what I do and however little I feel I do, I can make a difference to the clients I have the pleasure to work with. I say work with, because I always feel this is a joint venture and that I tread the path with my clients. We work together and hopefully in most cases I am delighted to say, the correct remedy and the correct treatment is found that benefits the patient and that in turn enables them to be the change in their life.

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