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Eczema, that annoying itch!

Lizzy came to see me as she was coming up to her exams and was feeling quite stressed. Her skin flared up into raised rash like lumps on her legs and would itch and burn.

"I scratch at them, it feels good while I'm scratching then it burns"

I approached this case holistically, looking at the whole picture and not just the skin condition. This way I could prescribe a remedy that would work constitutionally, addressing all the issues that Lizzy came to see me with and not just the skin condition. After all Lizzy is more than just a skin condition!

It is easy to get drawn into feeling like your ailment defines who you are. This is not true. Working closely with the client and including them in the decisions on how they address their condition is empowering for them.

After the first remedy, Lizzy came back and was amazed that her eczema had cleared up. This was a brilliant response to her first remedy.

We discussed managing her skin topically now that the rash was under control and I repeated the remedy.

On her return after her second remedy, she was now more aware of what caused flare ups and how to care for her skin during this time.

It is wonderful working with someone who is so vibrant and aware of the triggers and to see how well they forge their way towards their next steps in their life goals.

Her mother said "She did amazingly well in her GCSE's! Thank you for your help with it all"

Please feel free to contact me if you have a condition you wish to treat naturally with Homeopathy.

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