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I have waves of anxiety

“I have waves of anxiety, hot shaky, feel sick, sweaty palms, panicked” Anxiety is a condition that people are becoming more aware of thanks to more people in the public eye talking about their experiences. This is good news to sufferers as makes their condition more understood and therefore less hidden. This is the case of Harriet who came to see me after suffering with anxiety since aged 16 yrs (now 22yrs). After treatment with anti depressants, Harriet hated the side effects so came off them, had counselling, but didn’t like the process. So had been struggling on her own for some time. When I first met Harriet, she was very very anxious. Visibly shaking, tearful, sweaty palms, ringing her hands and generally looked very frightened. She was very brave in coming as when a sufferer has anxiety at this level, it is very debilitating, with the patient being extremely fearful and they can often become isolated in their homes as their fears are so huge. Luckily, Harriet has a very supportive partner who was able to bring her. I had offered Skype but Harriet wanted to come to see me. This challenged her but gave her a sense of achievement, she later told me. After the first remedy, Harriet returned to see me a month later. “the day after taking the remedy I felt really really happy, a week later I felt really calm” This was a fabulous response to her remedy and though not without her ups and downs, with her own strategies in place, Harriet has been making steady progress since then, with repeated remedies. Some strategies that can help anxiety: *Practice breathing techniques - its difficult to panic when you breath slowly *Do something creative this encourages a logical part of the brain to over ride the panic mode. *Get fresh air *Gentle exercise such as walking, yoga or Pilates *Eat healthily For more information on treating anxiety, contact me for a free 15 minute chat.

I also offer Skype consultations and 1:1 appointments in Marlborough and Devizes

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