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A Case of ADHD

Billy was 7 years old and recently diagnosed with ADHD. He was brought to see me because his parents did not want him on medication. He recently came off his medication because it caused him to develop a facial tic, huge anxiety and weight loss. He was described "as an extra confident boy and that nothing phased him." On talking to Billy he was able to tell me he was frightened to stay in his bedroom at night. This caused disturbed sleep for both Billy and his parents as he would come into their bed each night. The facial tics were evident, even after coming off his medication, so I would address this along with his behavioural issues with constitutional treatment. I prescribed a remedy that suited Billy. Taking into account his restlessness, night fears and facial tics. After his first remedy he came back to see me 1 month later. His sleep was much better his tics had subsided and he was less anxious. After a repeat of his remedy at a higher potency, his anxiety was less with less angry outbursts and was now going to toilet on his own, as he was less fearful. Over the following three months I saw Billy regularly, each time he was making more progress. It was wonderful to see him progressing steadily without any aggravations.

Now 8 years old, his mother tells me he continues to do well.... He is continuing to do very well and even the sleep problem has improved hugely now. He is finally back to the funny, happy boy that he used to be.”

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