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Post operation support using Homeopathy

Welcome to a new series of Blogs where I share my treatment plans for my family, friends and patients, who found themselves having surgery and needing supportive remedies to help aid their recovery.

Post Operation remedies for Tonsillectomy

The first in the series looks at my daughters recovery after having a Tonsillectomy at aged 19 after many years of Tonsillitis infections supported with Homeopathic remedies. Her tonsils were continually swollen even when no infection was apparent and covered in scar tissue after all the ulcers she had suffered from over the years. She had constitutional Homeopathic treatment which enabled her to continue at school with little time off over the years but due to the scaring, it had become more and more difficult for her to swallow food comfortably and with her due to start Uni, she didn't want to have to suffer Tonsillitis during this important time in her life. So she opted for a Tonsillectomy. Not something to go into lightly as a young adult. It is usually said it is worse to have this operation during adulthood than as a young child. Not sure why as an op is an op and traumatic what ever age you are! Perhaps you just forget it quicker when you are a child!

So with my mother/Homeopaths head on, I prepared to be nursemaid for a couple of weeks!

Pre-op remedies to aid the body to prepare for the operation:

Buddleia - for trauma, restlessness before the op, sleepleeness with worry, fatigue, feeling of being out of control.

Post-op remedies:

Arnica - used for shock, bruising, helps slow or stop bleeding after surgery. (Tonsillectomy risk of hemorrhaging during and even after operation during the healing period)

Phosphorous - for adverse reaction to anesthetic, nausea

Carbo Veg - help with obstructed wind after op

Rhus tox - specifically for Tonsillectomy, restlessness


Buddleia 200 - one dose evening before and one the morning of op Arnica 200 - 4 times daily straight after op, continuing for 3-4 days, and then tailing down gradually, as symptoms suggest Phosphorus 200 - single dose after op to help with anaesthetic effects, repeated next day if symptoms persist Carbo veg 30 - as needed to help with obstructed wind following anaesthetic Rhus tox 30 - specifically for tonsillectomy, 4 times daily after a day, continuing until symptoms are much improved [week, 10 days?] tailing down in dosage

Other meds:

Ibruprofen and Paracetamol for first few days were taken along side the Homeopathic remedies as Tramadol and Codeine were not tolerated well by my daughter as they made her feel nauseous and spaced out.

Her recovery was difficult and not completely pain free. The remedies aided her speedy recovery and were great to use when she was in between doses of her meds. Most of us are familiar with the slump between pain relief and knowing you are unable to take more in case of over dosing. The beauty of Homeopathy is you can use it both as an alternative to conventional meds but also to complement, as we did in this case.

My daughter took two weeks to recover and was back at Uni faster than was expected by her surgeon. There is no doubt that the remedies aided her fast recovery and she is now tonsil free and no longer suffers with repeated throat infections.

For more information on using supportive Homeopathy contact me for a free 15 minute initial chat. As well as my clinics, I also do SKYPE/VSee video consultations and phone consultations.

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