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Holiday First Aid Remedies

As the summer holidays are now here, many families are considering how to deal with the minor complaints and first aid situations that can arise when traveling. Homeopathy has an excellent track record in addressing stomach upsets and travel sickness; insects bites and stings; stress and jet lag; sunburn and minor injuries, among many other things.


Alongside practical measures, homeopathic treatment can swiftly relieve pain and swelling, and promote rapid healing in all kinds of burns. Here are a selection of the most frequently used remedies for first aid treatment of burns:

Calendula is most often used topically as a lotion

(it can also be taken in potency internally).

Make up a lotion for bathing the affected parts

with a half teaspoon (or 40 drops) Calendula

tincture to 150ml of cool boiled water. Eases

soreness and prevents infection in minor burns

and scalds.

Belladonna can be used for sunburn where there

is heat, redness and swelling, and also throbbing,

pulsating headache from sun exposure.

Cantharis is a wonderful first aid remedy for

burns with pain and rapid blistering. Alongside

basic first aid measures, this remedy will relieve

the pain fast.

Causticum is an invaluable remedy in more

severe burns involving deeper tissue and with

severe pain and rawness. Later, it can help with

painful itching as the burn heals. Do not delay

seeking medical help in this situation, but

Causticum can be taken en route.

Urtica urens is made from nettles, and is a useful

first aid remedy for painful burns and especially

scalds with itching and prickling.

Stomach upsets

These may be caused by changes in diet, effects of travel, or food poisoning. Helpful remedies include:

Arsenicum album - first remedy to think of in any complaint involving

vomiting and/or diarrhoea. From food poisoning, sudden changes from

usual diet, or an intestinal bug. Symptoms are accompanied by weakness,

chilliness, anxiety and restlessness. The patient tends to be thirsty and wants warmth.

China - a useful remedy following any exhausting complaint, especially with loss of fluids. Will help to restore strength and vitality.

Podophyllum - complaints with profuse diarrhoea which is worse early in the morning, and

relatively painless (though abdomen may be sore beforehand). Better for warmth, pressure

and bending forward.

Lycopodium - can help to relieve the symptoms of shellfish poisoning, with vomiting and diarrhoea.

Tabacum - a remedy for travel sickness with constant nausea, better for fresh air.

Insect bites and stings

Apis - use for any insect bite or sting where there is significant swelling, especially rapid

swelling with sensitivity to touch.

Ledum - use for insect bites and stings without swelling, especially wasp stings, and where

there is a coldness to touch with mottled appearance.

Jetlag and stress

Arnica - jetlag with exhaustion. Arnica can help you to adjust to local time more quickly, and

will also generally help the ‘travel weary’ who are stiff and exhausted after a long journey.

Cocculus - jetlag with exhaustion and vertigo, as if still on the move. May feel weak and faint.


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