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Remedy for bites and stings

Apis: Remedy for bites and stings

with local swelling.

Apis mellifica is a remedy made from the honey bee,

and is an excellent first aid remedy for bites and

stings (not just bee stings) where the symptoms are:

burning and stinging pains with significant swelling

and local redness; better for cold applications and

worse for local heat; the area is highly

sensitive to touch and pressure. The

patient is typically restless. This remedy

has been used in the treatment of a wide

range of conditions including asthma,

migraine, arthritis and allergies, where

the symptoms match.

Ledum: Remedy for puncture wounds and

wasp stings

Ledum, or Marsh Tea, is often used in

the treatment of bites and stings,

including wasp stings, for which I

have found it to be almost a specific remedy. Pains

are usually stinging and throbbing, and the area is

often cold to the touch. It is also a useful remedy for

puncture wounds from a sharp object, and for black

eye from a blow, better for cold applications.

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