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Helen Lee

"Helen ranks as one of the best I have experienced" see more in my Blog

"I am really grateful to you, dear Helen, for taking good care of me and prescribing the right medicine: My immunity has been restored; bouts of allergy are now kept at bare minimum and quite under control. I really feel great, and no words can express the degree of my gratitude and thankfulness to you." SH, Swindon

Welcome to Helen-Lee-Homeopathy offering clinics near Devizes and Marlborough, Wiltshire.


Are you looking to get your own health back on track, manage existing medical conditions or dealing with side effects of medications?

Homeopathy could be for you..

Where to find me:

* Core Control Pilates, New Body Barn, Lydeway, Devizes.

* Home clinic in the village of Aughton, Marlborough, Wiltshire.

I am available:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10am-6pm

Monday & Tuesday evening on request

If you have any questions that are not answered on my website, you can contact me on 07773983739, where you can leave a message

or email me at

I will respond to your enquiries promptly 

I offer a free discovery call for you to discuss the possibility of Homeopathy being of benefit to you.




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