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S.A.D has set me back

Poppy first came to see me several years ago because she was suffering with fluid retention and bronchitis. Treated with remedies she responded really well and now the swelling in her legs has diminished and her chest is clear. She recently came to see me because she was feeling down “my SAD has set me back”. I spent some time with Poppy ascertaining how the Seasonal Affective Disorder was effecting her. She was always a very up beat character, embracing the day but was so down she struggled to smile and found it hard looking on the brighter side. Being an artist she often spoke about colours and would surround herself with colourful artifacts to “brighten her day”. I prescribed a remedy along with a herbal tincture made from Homeobotanical remedies which took her symptoms into consideration. After taking her remedy, she was advised to take three drops of the herb tonic, three times a day. A couple of weeks later Poppy contacted me to say how much better she was feeling and she felt “lifted by the day” every day she had a bit more energy. This is a wonderful result, it warms my heart to see Poppy looking so well again. "I have more energy, my mood has lifted, I embrace each day. My acid reflux is under control, my back no-longer aches. Thank you so much for all your wonderful help Helen...”

If this resonates with you or you are just coming out of an SAD episode, please feel free to contact me. I offer a free 15 minute chat and Skype consultations as well as 1:1 consultations.

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