Lizzy came to see me as she was coming up to her exams and was feeling quite stressed. Her skin flared up into raised rash like lumps on her legs and would itch and burn.

"I scratch at them, it feels good while I'm scratching then it burns"

I approached this case holisti...

Poppy first came to see me several years ago because she was suffering with fluid retention and bronchitis. Treated with remedies she responded really well and now the swelling in her legs has diminished and her chest is clear. She recently came to see me because she...

Stephanie came to see me following the breakup in her relationship. She was very low and lacked confidence and self esteem.

This case had very few physical symptoms but was mainly emotional and so I focused on treating Stephanie’s emotionally wellbeing. I took time to...

“I have waves of anxiety, hot shaky, feel sick, sweaty palms, panicked”

Anxiety is a condition that people are becoming more aware of thanks to more people in the public eye talking about their experiences. This is good news to sufferers as makes their condition more...

Billy was 7 years old and recently diagnosed with ADHD. He was brought to see me because his parents did not want him on medication. He recently came off his medication because it caused him to develop a facial tic, huge anxiety and weight loss. He was described "as an...

“I am always tired and need to sleep, I want my life back, I want my confidence back”

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) affects many people of all ages. The most common cause is following an infection such as in this case, Glandular Fever. This condition is difficult to...

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